Woman clothing


Unfortunately, in modern realities, when pronouncing the word “glamour”, many people have an image of a provincial girl with bright makeup, in a shiny dress, a neckline and shoes with crazy heels in their heads. This idea of glamour style is false.

Real glamour is chic, it’s brilliance, but it’s always moderate and knows its value. Glamour is expensive fabrics, silk, precious stones, fur. Glamour is a hair to a hair, it’s gloss and grooming 24/7.

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Sports style is easier than simple, you will think, they say, they go to the gym and fitness. No, no and no again) The sporty style includes sports elements, but not clothes for sports. Hoodies, T–shirts, T-shirts, baggy pants, walking sneakers, sneakers, caps and backpacks – this is the basis of this stylistic direction.

The sporty style is comfortable and comfortable, this clothing does not constrain movements and does not fit the figure, it is created for active people who love movement and adventure.

Quite appropriate in it will be quite bright colors, but in moderation, for example, inserts on a hoodie, or stripes on sneakers. Jewelry, in turn, should be chosen minimalistic and small in size, although, if possible, it is better to abandon them altogether, giving preference to the same sports watches – both an accessory and a benefit, so as not to be late).

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Business or classical style is characterized by restraint and conciseness, high quality and a certain baseness. Clothing of this style is especially good for teachers and office workers, scientific conferences and meetings.

The classic style does not accept the introduction of fleeting trends, such as choker, crop top, ruffles, etc., as well as bright colors and provocative prints. Black, gray, beige, dark blue – this is the range of this stylistic direction. Simple cut and simplicity of details, stability and moderate modesty.

Perhaps the classical style is a kind of foundation and base, it was like this 50 years ago, and now it will remain, decades later. This is a style beyond time and fashion